Nursery Decoration Trends and the Tree Mural

Tree Mural

At Bonavita, we like to stay on top of the trends, especially when it comes to nursery decor. Recently, we’ve noticed that the tree decal is extremely popular! Wondering why, we decided to ask one of our favorite nursery decoration authorities, Pamela Ginocchio, over at Project Nursery.

Bonavita: Why is the tree mural so popular in the nursery?

Pam: We sure do see a lot of trees as focal points in the nursery and children’s rooms. I think that parents and kids are drawn to the serene feeling trees and nature bring to a room. It is also a nice gender neutral symbol for shared spaces or nurseries. I prefer tree wall decals to murals so that it can be easily changed up as the room evolves with the childs age.

Here are just a couple of Pamela’s favorite tree murals:

  • For modern and bright, try notNeutrals tree decals
  • If you’re looking for sweet and tranquil, try this one as featured on Project Nursery
  • This one available on Etsy is a nice spin on the tree decals. Pam especially loves the “aqua and orange”.
  • Who doesn’t love the children’s book No More Monkeys Jumpin on the Bed? Now you can have these little guys on the walls!
  • Tree wallpaper is also a great alternative.
  • And, for those who have their heart set on a painted mural, talk to your local muralist and who them pictures of what you envision. According to Pam, you can use this site to find a local muralist.

What do you think about the tree mural? Love it for your baby’s nursery? Think it’s a fading trend? Comment below and let us know!

As Always, Bonavita Wishes You Inspired Nesting!

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