Winter Themed Nursery

Winter Themed Nursery Decor Mood Board

Let it snow! Let is snow! Let is snow! When it comes to nursery decor, people find inspiration absolutely everywhere. Today, we were inspired by the blast of cold air that greets us each morning as December comes knocking on our door!

Snowy weather doesn’t always have to be frightful. In fact, a winter themed nursery can actually be extremely warm and comforting to your baby. If you love snow flakes and snowmen, and if winter is your favorite season, then this mood board is for you!

Here are some suggestions for a winter themed nursery decor:

  1. Paint – We went straight to the experts over at Benjamin Moore and explored color through their virtual fan deck. We selected the Violet White color for this mood board, but other great colors include Snow White, Winter Snow, Gray Cloud, Misty Gray and Ice Mist. These colors are all part of the Off-White Color collection, which are sophisticated and also suit tranquil, serene environments.
  2. Crib – The crib is the centerpiece of your nursery, and our Seaside Lifestyle crib in Classic White is perfect for your winter themed nursery. A truly transitional design that fits well with any decor, it’s charming, practical, fresh and has a relaxed, vintage feel that adds warmth to this winter themed nursery.
  3. Blanket -Keep your baby warm and cuddly with this luxurious, plush security blanket by Kidsline Katie Little. We think white works best, but blue or pink would add some color and look wonderful in this nursery!
  4. Wall art – You can’t have a winter themed nursery without some snow flakes! These snowflake decals were a real find on Etsy! At just $37.50, you get a total of 9 starbursts in the two colors of your choice. White and blue would look great on the Violet Mist paint background, but you can be as creative as you’d like to add a pop of color to this winter themed nursery. The decals are made of high quality, self-adhesive and waterproof vinyl and can be applied to any clean, smooth, flat and semi textured surface. They can also be cut to custom size!
  5. Mobile – Add a touch of elegance to your baby’s winter themed nursery with this beautiful crystal and pearl mobile chandelier with perched swan birds. Another great Etsy find, we absolutely fell in love with its grace and elegance. The lovely design is like something right out of a story book. The mobile is adorned with top quality acrylic crystals and pearls in white and clear while the center strand can incorporate any custom colors you’d like such as pink, purple, green, blue, yellow, brown or even left white for a sophisticated look. Perched upon the spiral encrusted design are two spectacular white feathered swans, which adds such tranquility to the room!
  6. Diaper Holder – What’s a winter themed nursery without some snowmen? This adorable little holiday themed basket is perfect for a diaper holder, which will add some color to the changing table and stimulate your baby during all those daily diaper changes! Another great find on Etsy, this basket is handmade and reinforced with multiple layers of professional weight interfacing for sturdiness, but still remains soft to the touch.
  7. Decorative Name Plate – Last but not least, this Snowmen custom family name personalized slate sign is perfect to hang on the nursery door. Once again, we found this gem on Etsy, and it’s 100% handmade. Add your newest addition to your family in the form of a baby snowman on this great plaque. The artist will paint whatever scarf color you’d like, and will craft the number of snow folks in your own family! It’s a great way to set the tone of what’s behind the nursery door!

Are you considering a winter themed nursery? Let us know what coveted items you’ve found to turn your baby’s room into a veritable winter wonderland!

As Always, Bonavita Wishes You Inspired Nesting!

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